Who We Are

MAV Designs is India’s newest end-to-end Apparel Sourcing Solutions provider, with a strong network of direct channels of clothing and accessory manufacturers across Asia. We empower retailers, brands and boutiques across Europe and APAC (Asia Pacific) with manufacturing support that encompasses everything from trend reports and competitive pricing to impeccable quality and timely production. 

What We Do

We understand that the world of fashion is a fast-moving one, and we match that pace by constantly adapting and being abreast with the latest in global manufacturing trends. Our mission is to provide brands with channels that have the latest manufacturing techniques in garment production while keeping sustainability and fair pricing at our core.

Why Choose Us?

  • We help brands get an advantage in production by aiding them with support for both high and low manufacturing quantities while keeping the price competitive. 
  • Swift support in design and trend forecast for global brands, resulting in an average of over 68% of our styles being chosen for season-specific collections. 
  • Complete transparency during the manufacturing process with a razor-sharp focus on production timelines being met.
  • Working hand-in-glove with quality compliant factories to ensure there is no compromise on production quality. 
  • Within a short span, we have successfully enabled 4 global fashion brands to source the very best factories for manufacturing their collections, in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Our Vision

Be a responsible global fashion company with sustainability at its roots

Years Of Experience

Pieces/Month Capacity

Designers across the Continent

Our Products

We manufacture Knits, Wovens and Leather garments for Women, Men and Kids across casual wear, high fashion and high streetwear. We have the expertise of manufacturing garments that require embroidery, sequins, digital printing, patchwork, embellishments, unique washes, embossments and other handwork. Having the best design minds in our team, we help brands tap into the latest designs and turn them into signature pieces in their collections. With a strong network of reputed fabric suppliers across Asia, we are confident of catering to brands’ varied fashion needs.

Our Services


Sourcing and Manufacturing

  • Acquisition of clothing in large or small quantities at the most competitive price
  • Source product categories within varying levels of fabrications, trims, accessories and packaging, while at the same time maintaining the speed of commercialization.
  • We also specialise in the sourcing and manufacturing of embroideries, sequins, unique washes and embossments
  • Ensure that quality assurance and defect prevention are implemented in accordance with our customer’s requirements.

Logistics and Delivery

  • Through Domestic logistics and global freight management, we provide exhaustive, integrated solutions from the time the product leaves the factory to when it reaches the hands of the end client.
  • Our logistics network is managed by our dedicated logistics team to deliver on this promise with Tailor-made solutions matching our client’s needs.


  • Through our direct offices, we develop close relationships with manufacturers to gain insights and supplier knowledge that help our retailers make better purchasing decisions.
  • Our product development and design teams provide our customers with innovative products that lead to products that are designed specifically for our customers “target markets”, combined with our proven development experience and market knowledge.
  • We operate our own sample rooms, managed by experienced product developers who manufacture and vet the samples promptly and efficiently.

Sustainable Spotlight

With a focus on sustainability at our core, we have access to sustainable fabrics such as eco-viscose, organic cotton and recycled polyester to name a few.

Our factories are equipped with green features such as self-sustaining electricity, sustainable energy, ETP plants, wastewater management solutions and more. Moreover, our trims are recycled and polybags are biodegradable.